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Valerian and Laureline

June 13, 2017, to January 14, 2018 Buy your ticket online

The Exhibition

© Jean-Claude Mézières and Pierre Christin for the Cité des sciences et de l'industrie

When it started 50 years ago, the comics series Valerian and Laureline, created by French writer Pierre Christin and artist Jean-Claude Mézières, stood out as a masterpiece for its time and in science fiction. It is considered a landmark in European comics and pop culture that influenced other media.

The heroes Valerian (male) and Laureline (female) are Spatio-Temporal Agents from Galaxity, the capital of Earth in the 28th century. During their journeys, they travel throughout time and the Universe, discovering incredible extraterrestrial civilizations, encountering picturesque characters and bumping into life forms as diverse as lush.

The topics of the series remain up-to-date and reveal quite impressive insights: space conquest, colonization, racism, environmental and nuclear disasters, climate change, effects of globalization…

Visitors can enjoy an immersive exhibition thanks to augmented reality that unveils 40 original comic strips and launches interviews of 3 scientists. Astrophysicist Roland Lehoucq, geographer Alain Musset and paleontologist Jean-Sébastien Steyer share their views on the Universe, civilizations, fauna and flora and sociopolitical issues brought up by the creators.

The fantasy genre of the series suits questions between science and science-fiction. The story of Valerian and Laureline questions cosmos, material, spacetime, time travel, the present, extraterrestrial life. It also challenges our visions of history, culture, political systems and evils of modern societies.

Enjoy an immersive visit inside the artworks through an augmented reality app. Characters, animals, sounds and objects pop in and out of the frame to surprise you. Plunge into the exhibition and experience a fun and yet scientific and artistic tour.
Download the dedicated free app to experience the full Valerian and Laureline experience. In French only.

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