Why does Mario have a big nose? How was The Legend of Zelda created? What was the first video game called? What is a pixel? What does Gameplay mean?
What lies behind the production of a video game?

Under the supervision of Olivier Lejade, French game designer and Mathieu Triclot philosopher, scientific curators for the exhibition,
with Eric Viennot, Stéphane Bura, Richard Garfield, Naomi Clark, Chris DeLeon, Clement Bachellerie, Thomas Gaon, Olivier Mauco, Daniel Cook, Pedro Cardoso-Leite, Daphne Bavelier, Chris Bell, the Media Molecule studio, Vincent Berry, Samuel Coavoux, Samuel Rufat, Hovig Ter Minassian and Edward Castronova.

What happens when you play? In answering this question, the exhibition at the Cité des sciences et de l’industrie highlights the powerful singularity of video games and offers some insight into this now dominant cultural practice.

The first ever flip book inspired by a video game, in a double-sided, bilingual version (French-English).