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To stop burying our heads in the sand

So is there still any room for doubt? No. The Earth has been getting warmer for more than a century now. We also know for a fact that the proportion of greenhouse gases (GHGs) in the atmosphere has increased over the same period. A third certainty is that this increase coincided with the growth of human activities emitting GHGs (energy, transport, industry, etc.). So, based on these observations, what can we expect to happen? Since we have no crystal ball, our only means of forecasting future climate change are climatologists’ projections. And their conclusion is clear: if we do not change our production methods and consumer habits, we can expect a snowball effect resulting in climate disruption and all the disasters that implies. So what can we do? ‘Adaptation’ and ‘mitigation’ are the key strategies in climate policies agreed after much negotiation at major international summits, but are we in our developed and developing nations ready to build a ‘decarbonised’ world? With the approach of the 22th World Climate Conference (COP22) in Marrakech, which promises to be crucial to our future on this planet, the purpose of this exhibition is to explore every aspect of the climate crisis, providing a panoramic 360° view so we are not left with our heads buried in the sand.

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