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Climate 360

All about climate change

Climate change: the world in search of solutions


So what can be done to combat climate change and mitigate or adapt to its impact? Internationally, in Europe and in France, are we really acquiring the means to reduce greenhouse gas emissions? What technological and industrial solutions are being studied? Should financial regulation processes be introduced, such as the very controversial ‘carbon tax’? There is talk of energy and agricultural transition all over the world, but what form should it take? How can we avoid penalising developing nations? So many issues must be considered if the governments that participated in the Copenhagen Climate Change Conference sponsored by the UN in 2009 are to achieve their objective: to limit global warming related to human activity to 2°C by 2100 (compared to the pre-industrial level). To do this, at the end of 2015, they must reach a universal agreement on reducing greenhouse gas emissions to follow on when the Kyoto Protocol expires in 2020.

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