Anticipate the movement of a ball, match animals to their footprints, fix a car, balance a weeble, make sounds from letters ¬  these are among the skills that your children can discover here. These games stimulate and foster cognitive skills. Finding ideas to solve problems is already a sign of knowing how to think!

It is by manipulating objects, words, and symbols that children gradually develop their ability to understand their surroundings.

1. Balls

Playing with these ball games helps older children develop their ability to establish relationships between actions and their consequences, between where the ball is placed at the start and where it comes out in the end. Younger children will have fun trying to guess where the ball will drop and finding it.

2. Animals

The children match different animals (a frog, a cow, a snake, and a parrot) with four of their characteristics (skin, prints, number of feet, babies).
By comparing, associating, and classifying, they develop cognitive skills that give them a better understanding of their environment.


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Machine à boules(ouverture du diaporama)
Machine à boules 2(ouverture du diaporama)
Petite machine à boules(ouverture du diaporama)
Le Vaisseau spécial vu de l'extérieur(ouverture du diaporama)
Le vaisseau spécial vu de l'intérieur(ouverture du diaporama)
Décorer le Vaisseau spécial(ouverture du diaporama)
Visser, dévisser(ouverture du diaporama)
Les éventails du Vaisseau spécial(ouverture du diaporama)
Les voiles du Vaiseau spécial(ouverture du diaporama)
Sur le pont du Vaisseau spécial(ouverture du diaporama)
Communiquer avec des tubes(ouverture du diaporama)
Le circuit électrique du Vaisseau spécial(ouverture du diaporama)
Les engrenages du Vaisseau spécial(ouverture du diaporama)
Dessiner avec les doigts(ouverture du diaporama)
Projection sur la roue des décorations réalisées par les enfants(ouverture du diaporama)