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Fab Lab Call for Projects

Universcience launches a Call for Projects to create and support Fab Labs in Africa as an extension of the hackathon and the Africa2020 Season. The Call is in the FSPI (French Solidarity Fund for Innovative Projects, Civil Societies, la Francophonie and Human Development) framework from the French Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affair.

This Call aims to contribute to the creation and support a network of sustainable Fab Labs in Africa through collaboration on joint projects. It has two components:

  1. Provision of equipment and
  2. Strengthening support capacity through training (relating to the equipment, organisational and educational aspects, project management), which allow the venue to be autonomous in terms of daily operation and maintenance.


Who can participate ?

The Call targets any established organisation such as university, school, library, association, cooperative, agency, foundation, company engaged in the social field, etc. It also targets any group of users who are currently acquiring a legal status and have a project to be developed in the near future. Each project leader may submit only one project.


Are there any rules I have to comply with in terms of the character and thematic area of projects ?

The project must address one or more of the 17 SDG - Sustainable Development Goals of the UNDP in order to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all. It should encourage the search for concrete and attainable local solutions to the global challenges that we face, especially those related to poverty, inequalities, climate, environmental degradation, prosperity, peace, and justice.


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What are the project eligibility criteria ?

  • Be led by an established organisation or entity that has a legal status or is acquiring it
  • Have the officially identified location of the project installation
  • Be an embryo of the existing community
  • Be willing to open up and go beyond the boundaries of the initial core community
  • Run a project at territorial level
  • Be willing to be part of networks (local or global)
  • Have a compelling need for the equipment that is clearly identified and consistent with the project’s goals to be able to launch the submitted project
  • Be particularly interested in participation in other projects at the local and/or global level (possible co-financing opportunities)
  • Have an interest for Universcience, which involves building medium- and long-term links with the country and institution
  • The project's feasibility potential


How are the projects selected ?

The submissions will be evaluated by the teams of Universcience and the French Embassies in Africa, in collaboration with the Fab Labs that participated in the SDG Challenge for Africa2020 hackathon in December 2020.

Online interviews can be held if necessary, for instance, if clarification is needed.

Authors of the selected projects (from 6 to 8) will be notified on Monday, 21 June.


What is the subsidy amount ?

The total amount of required equipment and/or training support may not exceed €15,000 excluding tax per application.


What is the timeline ?

  • Closing date of the Call: 11 June
  • Jury and selection of successful projects: 21 June


photo credit : Westerwelle Startup Haus.

Who can I contact for more information ?

If you have any questions, send a message to the following address:


How can I apply ?

You can download the application form at the following address. Fill in and send the electronic application form to the following e-mail address:

Application Form Call for Projects Fab Lab.docx

You can also find full version of Fab Lab Call for Projects below.


With the support of the French Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs