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Exhibition credits

Exhibition board
Sophie Lécuyer, Curator
Evanthia Ioannidou, Assistant curator
Sophie Manoff, Museographer

Scientific board
Jean-Pierre Traisnel, architect and urban planner, researcher at the CNRS

Scientific committee
Yannick Beltrando, architect, urban planner, ANYOJI BELTRANDO agency.
Michel Bourgain, mayor of Ile-Saint-Denis, vice chairman of Plaine Commune and vice chairman of the French Association of Mayors.
Marie-Haude Caraës, research director at the Cité du Design in Saint-Étienne.
Hervé Charrue, research and development director at the CSTB.
Daniel Clément, assistant scientific director at the ADEME.
Philippe Comte, designer at the GULIVER agency, associate researcher at the research unit of the Cité du Design in Saint-Étienne.
Suzanne Deoux, doctor of medicine, associate professor of Building Health Strategies at the University of Angers, MEDIECO consultancy and training.
Jac Fol, philosopher, architect, professor at the Paris-Malaquais École Nationale Supérieure d'Architecture.
Pascal Gontier, architect, assistant lecturer of environmentally-friendly architecture at the Paris-Malaquais École Nationale Supérieure d'Architecture.
Michel Ida, engineer and artist, director of Open Innovation at the CEA.
François-Xavier Jeuland, expert independent consultant in home automation and multimedia.
Marine Jacques-Leflaive, DESA architect at AtelierZéroCarbone Architectes.
Hélène Subremon, anthropologist, attaché at UMR CNRS LATTS (Laboratory of Techniques, Neighbourhoods and Societies).
Jean-Pierre Traisnel, architect, urban planner, researcher at the CNRS.

Scenography and design
Atelier Jes, Johan Brunel and Samuel Misslen
Bénédicte Roland
Scenographic coordination
Pauline Mercier, DPLG architect
Iconographic research
Isabelle Richir

Website credits
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