The future of our home is where issues relating to mankind, society and the environment all converge. How can we maintain a healthy and comfortable environment for our ever-growing population, while also looking after the planet?

Global warming, depletion of our natural resources, the energy crisis, urban expansion, growing inequalities and, especially in Europe, an ageing population, are all challenges that need to be addressed urgently.

Several initiatives are coming to the fore, giving an appealing twist to the transformations that are taking place. Thinking about the environment is no longer the domain of specialists alone; it concerns every one of us in our choices as consumers and citizens. Some technical solutions exist, but one idea has risen above all others: sharing.

This exhibition does not present an immediate solution to global warming. It will not make decisions for you about your new or current home. However, it does highlight contradictions in our lifestyles, provide useful pointers, and show us the intimate link between environment and society.

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