This is an area for interaction between children. Here, they can work together in twos or more to build a house or take part in a group show by setting a circus act in motion. All together, the children share, communicate, imitate, or confront each other.

Children build their individual and social identity by observing others, copying them or standing up to them. This is why, very early in their development, children need contact and exchanges with other children of their own age.

1. Work sites

Because younger and older children have different physical capabilities, there are two work sites adapted to the needs of each age group (4-7 and 2-3 year olds). The work sites encourage children to interact to build a house. Your children will communicate with others, imitate them, confront them, and work with them. Whichever tack they take, they will be participating in a collective experience that involves sharing.

In addition, each work site is modelled on a real site: the children, wearing hard hats and vests, take part in a variety of construction-related activities, including transporting materials, emptying, filling, circulating, and building.

2. Circus

Alone or with others, the children set circus acts  in motion — tightrope walkers, trapeze artists, shadow theatres, etc. — to create a show that can be watched by adults sitting on benches. The children cooperate with one another to make this circus show that takes them into a poetic universe.

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