Meeting the growing demand for energy of 9 billion humans in the future while reducing the environmental impact is one of the 21st century's biggest challenges, as explained over 1000 m2 in the Energies exhibition.

Set out in two complementary parts, in the Energies exhibition visitors can discover our changing world by combining local and global viewpoints, observe the scientific innovations and contemporary technologies and their projections in future scenarios, understand the challenges of sustainable development, become aware of the consequences of how each of us behaves, and much more

1. Current situation

The first part of the exhibition illustrates the current situation of energy on Earth and brings together a series of benchmarks, from an individual to a global scale: films, texts, schemas, planispheres, models, objects and interactive displays, which explain the way humans produce and consume energy.

    > Some things to discover in this section 

    • I am an energy converter (multimedia exhibit)
    • Calculate your basal metabolic rate and visualise the amount of energy needed to carry out your various activities.
    • Secret use (multimedia exhibit)
    • To discover the concept of grey energy and understand how certain behaviours can lower the energy costs of a product.
    • Sectors under scrutiny (multimedia exhibit)
    • Two multimedia exhibits explaining the current situation and the nine French energy sectors, from primary energies to energy consumed.
    • What's behind a power socket? (multimedia exhibit)
    • Retrace the flow of electricity up to production, passing through the different distribution and transport networks.
    • What's behind the pump? (multimedia exhibit)
    • Retrace the flow of petrol up to extraction, passing through the different distribution and transport networks.
    • State of the planet (multimedia exhibit)
    • Who consumes how much? Who consumes what? Where are the reserves and the flows? And more. A planisphere to explore the world of energy, topic by topic.