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Fragile !

19 February 2022 — 08 January 2023
Young visitors explore the complex notion of fragility by handling fragile objects, testing delicate materials, experiencing falling, feeling vulnerable... Maybe fragility is not always where you think it is... When it comes down to it, are we not all just as strong as we are fragile? It is a poetic, intuitive exhibition to gently explore and experience.

An original story to visit, play with and experience
Fragile! invites you to discover the little world of Windy the balloon, Iggy the egg, Folia the sheet of paper, Glitch the bar of soap and Woolma the ball of wool. These five little mischievous and naive characters are brought back to reality when their cousin Roky the stone arrives and warns them: “Be careful, you are fragile, you risk hurting yourselves!”. Fragile? Yes, because one can rip, one can burst, another slip, or even break... But bam, as it turns out it is Roky who falls and breaks! This is where “the Great Adventure” starts, where the children, along with their little friends, go on a series of adventures in which they see how fragile they can be and learn how to overcome these aspects in order to successfully achieve their quest: to repair Roky!

The exhibition

In terms of design, the bold choice has been made to use narration so the exhibition is explored and experienced as a story. Moving from chapter to chapter alongside the little characters, children learn and experience fragility through handling and trying out a host of objects and decors that convey the concept.

The Little World

The children continue their visit in a projection room and set out to meet “The Little World”.

Plunged into darkness, they meet the six characters who will become their travel buddies along the way, when all of a sudden one of them, Roky the stone, breaks into a thousand pieces. Everything must be done to repair him! The adventure starts here.

The Great Adventure

We’re off on the “Great Adventure”: the one where crazy discoveries are made, adventures are difficult, challenges are taken on together. Here, visitors handle their little characters and test out how fragile they are in life-size settings. Help Iggy the egg get across the mountains without breaking, fold Folia the sheet of paper so that she becomes a paper boat to help her friends cross the river which could make Glitch, the bar of soap dissolve... During a storm, Windy the balloon is carried away... what can be done to catch her? Further on the little ones experience motor skills through the game “Take me with you!”, where they have to get the characters from A to B without making them fall of course! 

The Land of Restoria

The adventure is over and now it’s repair time. Thanks to the material provided like string, plasters, and fabrics..., children use tips and ideas to give Roky a second lease of life and get him back on his feet. Next door, in the “Cuddles Corner”, it’s all about being gentle. Little visitors learn how to look after others surrounded by cushions, comforters and books. Through cuddling the characters represented as soft toys, they realise that fragility can also be emotional... 

The big family


The stone


The balloon


The egg


The bar of soap


The ball of wool


The sheet of paper

Activity book

Make an egg without a shell bounce, make your own soft pompom, let someone guide you with your eyes shut... It has scientific experiments, games and manual activities to teach children how to lightly discover the notion of fragility. Because nothing stops you from being strong and fragile at the same time!

From 4 years old.

Text: Cécile Jugla. Illustrations: Tomoë Sugiura. 
Character design: Pénélope de Bozzi and Matthieu Lemarié. 

On sale in the shop and at the cashdesks, on site and online in from February 2022.

24 PAGES | 18 X 23 CM | €4,95