Who hasn’t dreamt of discovering the best kept secrets of espionage? Clichés and fantasies abound about the work of intelligence agents, but where is the actual line between truth and fiction in these stories filled with hidden microphones, miniature cameras, uncertain identities, and clandestine operations?

This new temporary exhibition proposes a unique scenario developed from a passionate, attentive study of espionage that reveals what goes on behind the scenes. The principle mission of the civil servants and military personnel who work for the six main French intelligence agencies – known by their acronyms (DGSE, DGSI, DRM, DRSD, DNRED and Tracfin*) – is to anticipate and prevent threats to national security. The visitor will proceed step by step, like a secret agent, collecting information by using the different methods and tools of intelligence agencies.

A unique experience mixing reality and fiction, co-produced by Universcience and TOP – The Oligarchs Productions and Federation Entertainment.

Photos Philippe Levy, Nicolas Breton ©Universcience.