In order to answer your expectations we already suggest you sending us your questions at contactbilletterie(at)

Below the precision brought to the most current questions:

1. I haven't received confirmation of payment.

The payment may have not been completed, confirmed or authorised. If you are not sure about the status of your payment, please contact us at contactbilletterie(at), so that one of our agents can carry out the necessary checks.

2. There was a sudden interruption during payment and I don't know if the payment has gone through or not.

Contact us at contactbilletterie(at) We will check the status of your order.

3. I qualify for free admission but I can't find where to reserve my tickets on your website.

Free tickets cannot be reserved online. They must be collected from the priority desk/Internet customer service desk. 

5. A personal problem prevented me from using my tickets. Could I get a refund or reschedule my visit for a later date?

As stipulated in the general terms and conditions of sale, tickets cannot be exchanged or refunded. Tickets will only be refunded in circumstances specifically related to the operations of the Cité des sciences et de l'industrie or the Palais de la découverte.