18 octobre 2022 - 6 août 2023

A crowd is a number of interacting individuals. Surrounded by people, we are carried by enthusiasm or jostled around in every direction. While it may be pleasant being surrounded by football supporters at a match, demonstrating citizens who share the same convictions, or marathon runners all thirsty to win, it can also be a frightening experience to be crammed into the metro, squashed in a procession or in the middle of a religious pilgrimage. All of these situations have a common factor: each individual exists only through their interaction with others. From these interaction emerge the collective
phenomena that the Crowds exhibition aims to study through the lens of «Societyscience».

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14 juin 2022 - 5 mars 2023

From 14 June, the Cité presents Industrial Evolutions, a temporary exhibition that explores the "new industrial world" and its impact on mankind.
Industrial Evolutions reflects on the process of industrialisation and gives us the keys to understanding this complex and vast subject, spanning the past, present and future and touching on all areas of human activity, which are now more interdependent than ever. The artistic and educational installations give visitors a contemplative experience that allows them to understand the changes of today by comparing them with those of yesterday. They are then invited to question the duality of an industry that helps people live better but at the same time causes concern.

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Aurore Wils : / 06 46 66 18 97