6 septembre 2022 - 8 août 2023

Today cancer is still too often a taboo subject.
In September 2022, to open its cultural season, the Cité des Sciences et de l'Industrie is presenting
Cancers, a major temporary exhibition covering all the scientific, psychological and social dimensions
of this complex disease.

For thirty years, the overall number of new cases in France has been increasing
every year. Today, nearly four million people live with or have experienced cancer in the country,
and more than 382,000 new cases are diagnosed each year. The most common cancers in men are
prostate cancer (50,430 new cases per year), followed by lung cancer (32,500 cases) and colorectal
cancer (24,000 cases). In women, breast cancer is the most common (58,500 cases), followed by
colorectal (21,000 cases) and lung (17,000 cases).
The Cancers exhibition has chosen to put the patient at the core of its narrative, as well as the nursing
staff and carers, offering numerous testimonies on life during and after cancer. It also aims to give
visitors a better understanding of the disease and its treatments by presenting an overview of current
scientific knowledge, showing both the biological mechanisms of the cancer process and the therapeutic
options, both conventional therapies (radiotherapy, chemotherapy, surgery) and new therapies
(immunotherapy, hormone therapy).
The exhibition also fights preconceived ideas about cancer while raising public awareness on
everyday risk behaviours, as well as prevention and screening.
As cancer has many facets, the exhibition could not be linear. It takes the form of a vast territory
to be explored, conceived around five audiovisual installations: three are devoted to medicine and
research; two to the destructive feeling caused by cancer. These installations analyse the different
aspects of the disease, convey basic knowledge on the mechanisms of cancer, evoke the symptoms,
the available treatments and the directions of research.

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18 octobre 2022 - 6 août 2023

A crowd is a number of interacting individuals. Surrounded by people, we are carried by enthusiasm or jostled around in every direction. While it may be pleasant being surrounded by football supporters at a match, demonstrating citizens who share the same convictions, or marathon runners all thirsty to win, it can also be a frightening experience to be crammed into the metro, squashed in a procession or in the middle of a religious pilgrimage. All of these situations have a common factor: each individual exists only through their interaction with others. From these interaction emerge the collective
phenomena that the Crowds exhibition aims to study through the lens of «Societyscience».

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