Transcription de la vidéo J. : Hello, Laura. Welcome to La Mission Locale covering the Paris suburbs Villemomble, Gagny and Pavillon-sous-Bois, partnered by the Paris Cité des Métiers and Moovjee.

Laura : Hello. I’m Laura Eclaircy. I’m 20 and a graduate in Game Design. I came to La Mission Locale because I want to train as a 3D artist.

J. : So what’s a social network for you?

Laura : It puts me in touch with a range of people: workers in my sector and also friends, and I can share my interests with others.

J. : How do you use social networks?

Laura : In career terms, to stay in touch with different people in my field, and with friends to share my love of graphic art.

J. : Do you think social networks help to create a digital identity?

Laura : Obviously! As a 3D artist, I use a network called ArtStation to show everyone my work and perhaps be hired later.

J. : Do you think networks present specific risks?

Laura : Networks such as Facebook have perverse effects,because you tend to give too much away and share things others may not need to know.

J. : Thanks, Laura.

Laura : You’re welcome.
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Journalist: Hello and welcome to La Mission Localecovering the Paris suburbs Villemomble, Gagny and Pavillon-sous-Bois,partnered by the Paris Cité des Métiers and Moovjee.
Hamid: Hello.
Journalist: What is a social network for you?
Hamid: I’m Hamid Métadjer, partnership officer at the Paris Cité des Métiers. For me, a social network is a wayof presenting yourself,using platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook or Viadeo to introduce yourself and especially your job skills so you can network.
Journalist: How do you personally use social networks?
Hamid: I mainly use the LinkedIn business network and sometimes Facebook.I began with Viadeo, then realised that LinkedInwas much more effective, with far more useful information that we call posts. LinkedIn lets you network by inviting friendsand getting their email addressesto contact them again,go further, exchange informationand even apply to join another company.
Journalist: Do you think social networkshelp to create a digital identity?
Hamid: Yes, I think they’re vital to create that identity.You need to use social networks,above all the business onesto create your ID card.It acts as a CV when you add it to an email. 

Journalist: Do you think networkspresent specific risks?Hamid: Yes, there are risks.You have to be carefulabout what personal data you provide, beginning with a high-quality,businesslike photo. Your professional informationmust be genuine and verifiable. Also, take care what information you share in post form.Avoid being too intense and putting off business contacts.
Journalist: Great, thanks!
Hamid: Not at all.
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