Transcription de la vidéo
Journalist: Hello, Jérémy. Welcome to La Mission Locale covering the Paris suburbs Villemomble, Gagny and Pavillon-sous-Bois.
Jérémy: Hello, I’m Jérémy Soufou. I’m registered with La Mission Locale and looking for a block-release contract to study for a degree in HR.
Journalist: What is a social network for you?
Jérémy: It serves two purposes. It lets you talk and make business contacts, but also personal ones.
Journalist: How do you use social networks?
Jérémy: As I said, for business, to find a job or to network.Then I have family in Madagascar.I mainly use Viber to talk to them.
Journalist: Do you think social networks help to create a digital identity?
Jérémy: Yes, you can get yourself noticed.
Journalist: So what are the dangers of social networks?
Jérémy: They can be dangerous if you upload photos or have discussions that aren’t too… how can I put it? Well, all I’m saying is you have to be careful!
Journalist: Thanks, Jérémy.
Jérémy: Thank you. Goodbye.