Transcription de la vidéo Journalist: Hello, Mickael. welcome to La Mission Locale covering the Paris suburbs Villemomble, Gagny and Pavillon-sous-Bois, partnered by the Paris Cité des Métiers and Moovjee.
Mickael: I’m Mickael Dezalais, project manager and job coordinator at La Mission Locale. I help young people find block-release jobs and employers.
Journalist: What is a social network for you?
Mickael: It lets young people find jobs or block-release contracts and broadens their job-seeking approach.
Journalist: Do you use social networks?
Mickael: Yes, at La Mission Locale, we use social networks for job seeking. We canvass directly to help young people contact companies.
Journalist: Do you think social networks help to create a digital identity?
Mickael: Absolutely. They give you a presence on various media so you can be contacted much faster as a job seeker.
Journalist: So what are the dangers of using social networks?
Mickael: The risk is giving away too much or not enough. You must be careful on Facebook, Twitter, Xing or LinkedIn. Be truly precise and know what you’re looking for. Don’t reveal all your private life. That can be damaging.
Journalist: Thanks, Mickael.
Mickael:  Thank you.